About Us

Eternal Rubber Industries is engaged in the manufacture of Polyurethane Timing Belts and custom PU belts for a wide range of applications. We focus in offering Polyurethane Timing belts with custom profiles such as cleats moulded on to the timing belts for conveying of products, packages, boxes, pouches, bottles and voiles. We also offer PU and rubber coated timing belts.

We recently introduced Truly Endless Polyurethane Timing belts with integrally moulded cleat profiles. Traditionally, PU Timing belts have been offered with cleats bonded or welded onto an existing timing belt. In such belts, the bond between the cleat and the belt being the weak point, there is a high incidence of cleats breaking away from the timing belt. With our latest innovation, the cleats and the timing belt are made in a single mould as truly endless. Timing belts with integrally moulded cleats are stronger and long lasting since they are a single piece.

We also offer Truly Endless Polyurethane Flat belts with or without reinforcement, Flat belts for spiral paper tube and core winders, Drawdown belts for VVFS machines, Polyurethane and Rubber Coated Timing belts and Haul off or Puller belts for plastic tube extrusion lines such as ball pen shell.

The development of our products is a result of dedicated research and commitment to offer the best quality, backed by over 40 years of expertise in the belting industry.


Meet Our CEO

Girish Mehta is the CEO of Eternal Rubber Industries. Since founding Eternal Rubber Industries in 2003, Girish designed and developed special purpose production machines for the timing belts in addition to setting up the entire production unit.

Girish has over 25 years of experience in the design, development and production of flat transmission belts as well as timing belts. His areas of expertise span the development of high quality rubber formulations, bonding (rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to PU and PU to PU) and the design of production tools for PU and rubber molds for the belting industry.

Prior to making a foray into the PU timing belts industry, Girish single handedly setup and ran a complete production unit for the manufacture of Nylon Sandwich belts in Mumbai, India (1985 – 2002). Early in his career, Girish worked in the design department of several reputable firms in the US such as CE Cast Engineering and Teletype Corporation. Girish’s educational background includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious VJTI Engineering Institute in Mumbai followed by a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley (1967).