PU & Rubber Coated Belts

PU Coated Belts


  • Coating hardness: 70 to 90 Shore A
  • Coated with Specially Formulated Polyurethane
  • High wear and cut resistance
  • Oil and fuel resistance
  • Long Life


  • As wrapper belts for sheet coiling machines in steel mills and
    other metal industries such as brass, copper, aluminium etc.
  • As conveyors on sheet cutting, strip slitting, wire drawing and extrusion lines
  • As conveyors of sheet metal components, castings, die castings and metal scrap
  • As conveyors in ceramic tile industries, paper industries, mining, wood etc.
  • As conveyors in cement plants and abrasive product manufacturing units

Rubber Coated Timing Belts

Draw Down Belts are Rubber Coated Timing Belts used in Form Fill Seal machines to pull down plastic foil to form a pouch or a bag into which the product to be packed is filled.

Salient Features

  • Excellent flexibility prevents cracking or tearing
  • No splice or seam for increased reliability
  • Premium friction with excellent abrasion resistance
  • Rubber coating can be done from 35 Shore A to 95 Shore A hardness.
  • Rubber type: Natural, silicone, neoprene, nitrile