SynchroTransport™ Belts


SynchroTransport™ Belts with Integrally moulded Cleats

SynchroTransport™ Belts are Timing Belts with moulded Polyurehtane profiles, cleats and lugs to convey/transport products and packages as well as assist during various stages of production, right from raw material to finished product packages.

SynchroTransport™ Belts are used to suit customer’s requirement of synchronized conveying. High precision linear conveying and positive indexing in automated production and packaging machines.

The belts are used to Hold, Push, Lift, Assemble, Cap, Wash, Actuate, Sort, Count, Print, Label, Transfer and Package a variety of products such as Pouches, Bags, Bottles, Tins/Cans, Voiles, Boxes.

SynchroTransport™ Belts are used in production and packaging machines in a number of industries

  • Automotive Parts
  • Paper
  • Printing
  • Food Industry – Biscuits, Candies, Chocolate, Prepared Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals – Bottles, Voiles, Tablets, Capsules.
  • Consumer Goods – Cosmetics, Soaps and Deodrant
  • Hardware and Electrical Goods

A variety of polyurethane profiles can be moulded to suit configurations of specific products or packages.

Polyurehtane profiles can be moulded with metal inserts, holes in transverse or longitudinal direction and can be provided in a range of hardnesses.

SynchroTransport™ Belts can be supplied in many different pitches:
XL, L, H, T5, AT5, T10, AT10, HTD, 5M, HTD 8M