Truly Endless PU Belts

Truly Endless Round PU Belts

The Truly Endless Polyurethane Belts are constructed from specially formulated wear resistant, very flexible, tough Polyurethane having high coefficient of friction and excellent flex fatigue and resilience.

Round Belts are supplied in 3mm to upto 12mm diameters and different cord lengths as per customer requirements.

Truly Endless Stretch PU Belts


  • High Speed Grinders
  • CNC Machines
  • Printing and copying machines
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical (centrifuges)
  • Paper Industry
  • Cardboard (tube winder)
  • Textile Industry
  • Office machines
  • Automats

Truly Endless Flat PU Belts


  • Cover wide range of power transmission from fractional HP to upto 10KW per cm width
  • Belt is custom designed to meet specific applications, using a variety of cord materials such as Fiberglass, Kevlar, Steel Cord, High Tenacity Polyester or Nylon
  • Very flexible, permitting small pulley diameter and highdrive ratio
  • Speed ranging from 30 to 40,000 rpm
  • Maintenance free, long lasting
  • Low noise and smooth running
  • High Coefficient of friction
  • Linear Speed up to 100m/s