Tube Winder Belt

Eternal's Tube Winder Belt

Eternal Rubber Industries is proud to introduce Truly Endless, Cord Construction, Polyurethane Belt for Spiral Paper Tube and Core Winding Machines. The belt is dimensionally very stable, having very low stretch. Use of high strength, flexible cord results in very high breaking strength, upwards of 300 Kg per cm width. A variety of cord materials such as high tenacity Polyester, Nylon. Kevlar, fiberglass or Steel cord can be offered to suit the application requirement. The belt is made from specially formulated cast polyurethane and has very low abrasion resulting in long life. Unique combination of very high strength, low elongation, flexible cord and very high wear resistant Polyurethane of our belt produces superior quality, strong and rigid paper tube/core of consistently uniform diameter resulting in minimum rejection. The belt is developed with the intention of providing import substitution.

Advantages of using the Eternal Rubber Tube Winder Belt

  • Our belt is reinforced with spirally wound cord as compared to fabric reinforcement offered by other suppliers
  • Very low elongation due to cord construction
  • Belt life up to 50% longer than imported belts
  • Produces superior quality paper tubes with minimal rejection
  • Easily available, no need to import
  • We can offer the belt in lengths up to 5000mm, widths up to 200mm and 4, 6 and 8mm thickness

We also offer a wide variety of cleat profiles moulded on PU timing belts, PU and rubber coated timing belts and flat belts, Truly endless flat belts with high tenacity polyester, nylon and Kevlar cord as well as steel cord and fiberglass cord.